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University of Houston
Institute for NanoEnergy
3575 Cullen Blvd., 617
Science and Research I
Building 550
Houston, TX 77204-5005
Tel: +1-713-743-3563

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Organic Solar Cells

Organic Solar Cells

INE starts 6 month research program into advanced organic solar cells (OSCs). This multi-faceted program will investigate novel cell architectures to substantially increase power output and economics of OSCs.

PVSC35 Conference

Prof Seamus Curran will present the latest development in INE's search for a suitable architecture that maximizes the output of organic PV cells at the international conference PVSC35.



C-Voltaics Wins Goradia Innovation Prize
UH nanotech company named grand prize winner in Gulf Coast competition.

University of Houston Launches First Nanotech Company
C-Voltaics produces self-cleaning hydrophobic nano-coatings.

UH Technology Licensed to C-Voltaics wins Special Edition COMS Young Technology Award
Revolutionary coating protects fabrics from liquids.

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